Derek Strokon

Robert went on to share his  "why" he does what he does

Dec 27, 2019

Robert went on tho share his  "why" he does what he does

I am writing a testimonial for Robert for a few reasons. Robert achievements as an athlete can be found easily on the internet by anyone, but that is not the whole story about Robert the person. I was fortunate to hear him speak about 7 years ago at a sales meeting. At that meeting he shared his story about getting  too and being at the Olympics and yes winning gold. That in itself would have been enough for those in the audience. Robert went on tho share his  "why" he does what he does as a person to meet goals and shared his  life lessons with others. All this  to help people look at what they too can do to reach for more from themselves and those around them.  Great Stuff and we all walked away having been entertained, Robert was very engaging, entertaining and motivating. The story does not end there as I was able to keep in touch with Robert over the years and watched how he moved to finding a way to give back even more to children in sports with the great programs he runs. So the time came to ask Robert if he would be able to share his updated story with the people on our team. That afternoon what he shared with us  was not only everything I was expecting,   but more, as Robert has grown as a speaker and truly is  a wonderful and caring person to listen too.

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